The Siege

Chapter 1. One day the nacho named Bob was walking along the border trenches of Blizzard, on border patrol. It had been a long day, with the Army of ClubPenguin attacking them over 10 times that day. The Corpses of green colored penguins dotted the blasted landscape of churned up earth and blasted crators. The rotting stink of green flesh was visible from the trench Bob was stationed in. Bob’s M.A5 Guitar Rifle was strung across is back, with his tattered pancho flapping gently in the breeze. He lost his Sombrero a couple of hours ago, a damn lucky shot from a enemy soldier. His gun clipped his Sombrero in two. Bob was still waiting for a replacement. As he continued to walk lazily along the trench, a soldier by the rank of Sgt mouthed out the words: “Incoming, ACP!” A leap of terror surged in Bob but he shoved it down as he remembered how pathetic the ACP were. He heard the incoming screech of nacho “Cheese” fighters, which unloaded yellow sticky acid, or “cheese” onto the enemies. He joined up with a couple of his fellows, and aimed down the site of his rifle. The enemy was marching in formation, their roman helms glistening off the sun. He grew to hate ACP, and all they stood for. Naturally, the ACP soldiers died as easily as wheat before a scythe. A flicker of hope rised in Billy’s heart as the enemy infantry died. The Hope got squashed as soon as metal trangsports in the shape of a square charged forward, with giant mortars that fired pepto bismol from Oagal’s basement, which was incredibly toxic to Nachos. He screamed in horror as one ACP Square tank fired and hit the very trench where Bob was stationed.

Chapter 2. Bob woke up several meters from where he orginally was. He stood up, already finding ACP scaling the trench he was stationed. Steaming mad, Bob withdrew is Maraca club, and charged into the trench, smashing the skull of a acp soldier, and pummeling the beak of another. He saw a ACP Commander, and was certain that he was a Commander, as for ACP, the higher the ranks, the fatter you are. This guy was bloated, eating a hotdog in the middle of battle. He was barking out orders, with peices of hotdog flying out. The Nametag read “Kenneth100″ , Bob, angry with losing his friends at the hands of this arrogant a$$, charged towards him, bashing the unfortunate enemy soldiers as he charged. One of Kenneth’s bodyguards charged up to meet Bob, but didnt even get to lift his weapon as his head was blown off by Bob’s underslung rifle. Bob yelled a challenge at Kenneth, The blob turned his head, panting from the effort, Bob capitilized on his advantage, and sprung up from the trench and rammed into him. He bounced off, but he was able to knock the ugly wrech on his back, and the guy couldnt get up. Bob had to fight off two acp newbs to get up, and suffered a bruise on his eye for the effort. He swiftly silenced the two enemies, coldy calculating his strikes. He then jumped over the trench, ran over to Kenneth (The fat blob was still trying to get up) and in a single, fluid stroke, bashed his head in. He heard the meowing of incoming C.A.T tanks (Central Attack Tank) that went, meow, meow MEOW, ME-F*CKING-OW!!!! And shot out a bright beam on energy that chewed threw all of ACP’s tanks. Incinerating countless numbers of soldiers.

Chapter 3. The ACP was in full retreat. “Methinks Blizzard is safe for another day” Billy muttered to himself. He rushed back to the barracks, fatigue creeping in on him. He jumped on his standard issue hammock and fell asleep to the sound of long range cheese cannons and the vibrating ground, cuased by the rumble of a whole armoured company of C.A.Ts.


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