Sup, the Name’s Spiff, im 13, live in the USA, and im awesome.Im a guy who has like, the best sense of humor you’d see in a 13 year old, and Im not bragging, people tell me that.Im a thin guy who sails, bikes, plays basketball (Not so much in the winter) and just likes to chill with my buds. Im a real nice guy once you get to know me, and I’ll stick by you to defend ya. This site is on my perosnal stuff and 40k.But its not personal to the point of real secrets. (Sorry, stalkers )


  1. f1sh98 says:

    Second account? just for 40K. Which, is what you spend almost all your free time on. And why dont you just delete the spam on your old account? what ever. BTW, this is the only way I can get to you, which is not happy.
    not happy.

    Spiff:Lmao.Dude, I only spend the afternoons there, on like, wedns,tues,friday, and saturday.And I dont want to delete the spam from the old account because I CAN”T.There is so many spam blogs that I cant get to delete them cause there is so many covering the delete button.Also, you manage your life and I manage mine, and if you think 40k is a waste of time, well, that’s your problem.People at my school play 40k, and they happen to be my FRIENDS.Plus, im not the one who makes pointless posts about stuff you cant fix. -.-

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