2011 ard boys rant.

Posted: May 5, 2011 in Uncategorized

Well, here is  tactic me and my friends are using, and some reasons why I dont think the staff of any store should this.

The tactic is that my and my friends are trying to get the kids in our store to play ard boys, Im 13, and so are my friends. Our tatic is that we all go to the same store, and since there might be 11 of us, we might get most of the spots. =P. Which means we have a bigger chance of facing eachother and going to the semis. We are only doing this so we can go for ” 2500 pt army of your choice” thing. We all have good lists. One has a gunline SM army, the other has a BT assualt heavy force.ANOTHER has a nurgle spam list, and I have a khorne/tzeetnch combo.

Yes, we are going for lists that will help us.

Okay, here is my rant:

1.This has happened last year, but if a guy flipped the bird at you, you don’t have a fit and not bring out your ringer army, which I saw is what you had.

2.I know they werent randomized, because I did not see a computer.

3.Don’t pair kids up with IG mech spam, on tables that don’t suit the kids, because frankly, thats not fair.We arnt expireneced enough, etc etc.

4.This is for GW at our area. Why are you helping the adults with ard boyz? Why not me and the others? You don’t think we’ll make it to the finals? They are adults, we arnt even past age 16. I know Im ready for it, but saying the others arnt?Your worng there, My friends can be dropped off there, they are old enough, only the nurgle spam one isnt, only cuz hes ten. But we’re still there! Same with my dad.Heck, his dad can be there. Idc. Helping adults and not helping us is just stupid.  I want to have a chance, so do my friends. I honestly think people gang up on the kids there cause everyone else is 10+ years older. -.-

Okay well yeah, thats it. August is the month of the fight.Im ready to go to war.



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