Soulstorm/Dark Eldar/Nu Page

Posted: December 22, 2010 in Uncategorized

Sorry I have not posted in a while, been busy social wise, anyways, I got DOW soulstorm alittle while back and I have to say, its AWESOME!!!! The DE in it are awesome, the only thing that sucks is the limits, but its reasonable, you wouldnt have AMILLION suits of termi armour, or something.But ya.I LUV it. ;O

Dark ELdar

So I’ve had DE for a while now, (Bout 2 months) and they are cool, though I miss my chaos, my talos, (Sprinkles) however, cheers me up. He’s just toooooo cool. However, I have to admit, im not used to DE, they don’t have alot of armour, and I need lots of Raiders, and theres a problem.

I need raiders, the thing is, they cost money. Like 35$, so while Im saving up for more, my DE gets  shot up and screwed. -.-  I might restart chaos and do fallen angels, so I can use the  Dark Angels codex and use the Chaos codex!!!!

Nu Page.

For soulstorm, Im doing advantages and disadvantages.It will be out sooon.

Now if yall excuse me, Im goin to play Soulstorm.



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